GoDrona Precession Landing Pad

“Based on BVLOS”

GoDrona Precession Landing Pad Overview

“Our portable landing pad for drones which could be installed in a compact space.It basically works on #BVLOS. Drone detects the landing pad when it reaches in 1.5 sq mtr of the drone pad and seeks permission from our app user. Once our app user grants permission it autonomously lands on the pad if permission is not granted it waits for 1 min then returns to home points. We are still under testing. Our app is ready for testing and we are looking forward for support from the industry leaders so that we can test its commercial scope in near future. Our landing pad is designed in such a way that it could easily be installed in the balcony of urban residential societies and would be a best substitute of door to door delivery . “

Use Cases for  GoDrona Precession Landing Pad