Welcome To Casca E-Connect

Established in 2013, Casca E-Connect is a drone startup which has quickly expanded its global footprint to become a leading provider of industrial drone solutions world wide. Our head office is located in New Delhi, India and global branches are United Kingdom and America. We provide innovative and reliable drone services by leveraging the advances in unmanned hardware, sophisticated LiDAR and photogrammetric surveying methods, and drone data processing techniques powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.

At Casca, we also enable governments, enterprises, and organizations across the world to bridge the gap between manned and unmanned aviation through our proprietary drone traffic management system or UTM (unmanned traffic management) platform. As one of the most promising drone startups, we are proud to provide unparallel solutions and services for sectors like construction, utilities, mining, and oil and gas and others.

Our Services

Our mission to develop AI based technology and unmanned aerial technologies to enable users across recreational and commercial platforms to meet or exceed their needs and expectations. We are a solutions-based team of multi-disciplined engineers, who are inspired by our customers and their desire to be more and to do more. It is that blend of science and passion that leads us to produce the best products for the user and industry.

Pioneer within the UAV trade that has developed product with unmatched world class parameters and specifications
Exceptionally coordinated association equipped for meeting client necessities in 70% less time when contrasted with contenders.
Market Leader within the UAV business in Asian country for defense, Homeland Security and enterprise applications
Plan focused UAV maker creating drone answers for an assortment of uses. Casca drones are ages in front of different OEMs regarding perseverance and range.
UAV manufacturer with specialized cooperation with Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Ministry of Defense, India.
VAU built with best engineering, Casca delivers high-performance, safe and autonomous unmanned systems for better productivity and security to our customers.

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