Introducing Drone Technology

Helping clients achieve the benefits of drone technology.

Our goal is to make drone flying fun and exciting. We also believe play is a big part of learning, and learning about drones can also be fun and entertaining.

Creativity is at the heart of every dream. Every idea, every groundbreaking leap that changes our world starts with the vision of talented creators. At Casca E Connect, we give these creators the tools they need to bring their ideas to life.What are they and who uses them? Some call them drones, some apply the label “quadcopters” as a blanket term—though they can have any number of rotors or even be planes—the FAA calls them “unmanned aerial systems” (UAS). I prefer to call them “unmanned aerial vehicles” (UAVs), a neutral term broad enough to safely include pretty much the whole gamut, from Hubsan nano drones up to commercial and military aircraft weighing hundreds of pounds and basically the size of small manned planes.

Drone Technology


“The future of possibility”

Your organisation might start out with a small number of drones, but as the potential of these new tools is realized, the number of aircraft and operators will inevitably grow. We are in a process to build to scale with that growth – and to support future advances in drone technology.

We provide the platforms that help our clients manage and control the use of drone technology. Platforms include: Drone Induct online + practical basic training platform; Drone safe flight management platform; and Drone Test & Tag
We are waiting for the Indian Government to make clear laws so that we could also provide training in:
Drone Safety for Managers, Volumetric Survey, Thermal Imagery, Confined Space inspection, Project Management etc.
We help ensure drone technology is integrated legally and safely, and the technology introduction is managed responsibly. We help with: procurement and platform analysis, policy & procedure creation, stakeholder engagement, pilot projects, business cases.

Inspired by excellence & innovation


We create tablet app (available for Apple iOS and Android devices) enables on-site, step-by-step processes for pre- and post-flight checks, airspace verification, battery management and much more to explore..


The structured process being designed would ensures all compliance requirements will be met every time. Pilots must confirm their own certification, the readiness of their aircraft and their flight plan.


Forget last-minute searches for paperwork. Our Feature would collects flight data – including evidence of compliance – in real time. Audit and report on flight history – to CASA requirements – at the click of a button.


With the ability for decentralized operation, contract drone operators can work within your platform – and your control and compliance requirements – without having access to sensitive company networks.