Internet Of Things

IoT applications promise to bring immense value into our lives..”

With newer wireless networks, superior sensors and revolutionary computing capabilities, the Internet of Things could be the next frontier in the race for its share of the wallet. IoT applications are expected to equip billions of everyday objects with connectivity and intelligence. best coding tactics and great designing methods to create the best web applications in the world.

How Does IoT Works

IoT is essentially a platform where embedded devices are connected to the internet, so they can collect and exchange data with each other. It enables devices to interact, collaborate and, learn from each other’s experiences just like humans do.

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The applications of IoT technologies

“Different sectors are adopting IoT technology to simplify, improve, automate and control different processes.”



Wearable technology is a hallmark of IoT applications and probably is one of the earliest industries to have deployed the IoT at its service. We happen to see Fit Bits, heart rate monitors and smartwatches everywhere these days.



The use of wearables or sensors connected to patients, allows doctors to monitor a patient’s condition outside the hospital and in real-time. Through continuously monitoring certain metrics and automatic alerts on their vital signs


Traffic monitoring

The Internet of things can be very useful in the management of vehicular traffic in large cities, contributing to the concept of smart cities. When we use our mobile phones as sensors, which collect and share data through applications such .


Fleet management

The installation of sensors in fleet vehicles helps to establish an effective interconnectivity between the vehicles and their managers as well as between the vehicles and their drivers.



The quality of soil is crucial to produce good crops, and the Internet of Things offers farmers the possibility to access detailed knowledge and valuable information of their soil condition.



IoT brought interesting improvements in the quality of the service. Electronic keys, which are sent directly to the mobile devices of each guest, it is possible to automate various interactions.

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IoT Applications Industrial Automation

“With IoT Applications, one could even re-engineer products and their packaging to deliver better performance in both cost and customer experience.”

What is the scope of IoT?

In just 1-year internet connected devices went from 5 million to billions. Business Insider Intelligence estimates that 24 billion IoT devices would be installed by the year 2021, generating a revenue of over 300 billion.

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